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WBK Growers is a "specialty nursery" dedicated to growing specimen espailiered plants and trees. Our trained fruit trees and vines, pleached and pollarded trees, and topiary boxwoods complement any landscape project, large or small. Add drama or create a unique focal point, we have a variety of solutions for your specific needs. Each tree is cared for on an individual basis, using safe and organic techniques. Our sustainable practices allow us to produce exceptional nursery stock.

Great Inventory, Superior Selection

  • Raised from seedlings to ensure the quality and health of mature plants
  • Frequent stock shifting to avoid root girdling and encourage maximum growth
  • Use of oils and IPM strategy to control pests organically and to be environmentally responsible
  • Organic fertilization with worm castings and compost result in healthy, lush stock
  • Variety of rootstocks to enhance any garden
  • Horticultural knowledge and experience to aid in proper plant selection
Each plant & tree we grow deserves a special place in the landscape